Review – Sleek Makeup Highlighting Palette Solstice


Sleek makeup highlightinh palette solsticeI am a bit late to the highlighter party but now I have discovered it I want my skin to shine like Edward Cullens.

I have been testing out various highlighting creams and powders and I have to say one of the best so far is this Sleek Makeup Highlighting Palette in Solstice.

The palette contains 3 powdered highlights and one cream which all vary in tone. It is housed in a gorgeous gold case which makes it seem more high end than it is.Β All four shades are highly pigmented, soft and blend beautifully onto the skin.


Sleek makeup solstice highlighting palette swatchEcliptic is the cream highlight and is a pink champagne colour which I think would suit most skintones.
Subsolar is a yellow highlight which I think would be more suited to pale skins.
Hemisphere is purple pink shade that really brightens up the skin, though I am bit wary of using it.
Equinox is a warm golden shade colour that I love to use when I’m going for a bronzed look.

The two shades I have been loving from the Solstice palette are Subsolar and Equinox. According to the internet are great dupes for the Becca highlights which I have to admit I wasn’t totally blown away by (shock horror!)

If you are looking for a subtle glow for the skin then this won’t be for you but if you are wanting to try a more intense highlight or you are already a highlight addict you need to check out this Sleek palette. For only Β£9.99 there really is something to suit everyone in here.

Have you tried the Sleek Makeup Highlighting Palette? Is there any other highlighters I need to check out?


10 thoughts on “Review – Sleek Makeup Highlighting Palette Solstice

  1. These look stunning! Haven’t used any products from Sleek but I hear the brand raved about so much!! Think I need to go grab one of these beauts!! Lovely post! πŸ™‚

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