Review – Primark 9 Shade Eyeshadow Palette.


Primark eyeshadow palette Mac x9 dupemac x9 dupe primark eyeshadow palettePrimark Eyeshadow Palette swatchI have seen a few people write posts about the new Primark make up so of course I needed to check it out myself.  There was a lot to chose from but I decided to pick up this 9 Shade Eye Palette.
When I first laid eyes on this it instantly reminded me of the Mac x9 Eyeshadow palettes which made me want to try it out even more.
There was two different shades of palettes in the Primark I went to and this is the more neutral/brown one. It leans more towards the warm/pink brown tones with only one white colour in it and no deep shades.

For £2.50 I wasn’t expecting anything amazing, the shades aren’t massively pigmented but can be built up and do blend lovely.
I think the colours could of been more varied, a lot of them are very similar that when they are on the eye you can’t tell much difference between them.
The packaging is surprisingly good, sturdy, doesn’t feel cheap and the lid has that satisfying magnet closure. (True beauty addict will know what I mean)

Overall if you are starting out with make up or just like a basic eye look then this is worth checking out. For the price you can’t really go wrong. The colours are pretty and it’s perfect for travel.

Have you tried any of the Primark make up range?


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