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Review Cleasning balmsreview cleansing balms

My favourite type of cleanser is a balm, I find them the most effective when it comes to removing makeup and cleansing the skin.
I have two that I have repurchased on several occasions that I wanted to share with you today. I am sure you have heard about both plenty of times as they are cult favourites but I still wanted to add my thoughts on them.

First up is the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing balm, a very thick textured balm with a lovely herbal scent. It is packed with essential oils and vitamin E to cleanse your skin whilst keeping it hydrated. The Emma Hardie balm is aimed at all skin types and is excellent for removing makeup, I find it dissolves my make up instantly.
As it is such a rich balm you can give yourself a lovely facial massage making you feel like you are having a pamper every time you use it.
I use this on rotation with other cleansers I have but I rely on the Moringa balm when my skin is acting up as I know it won’t break me out.
I have only recently started using the Emma Hardie balm again and have questioned why I ever stopped. It is expensive at £38 for 100ml but you need the tiniest amount so the massive tub will last a long time. (The one I have pictured is only 50ml)

The second cleansing balm is a more budget friendly one and I have lost count of how many times I have repurchased it now.
The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter is the best makeup remover I have found. It is a lightweight balm (compared to the Emma Hardie one), fragrance free and very gentle on the skin.
It contains Shea butter and Olive oil which are both basic yet effective ingredients to remove makeup and cleanse the skin.
I find the Camomile Cleanser just melts away makeup and once removed with a flannel there is no residue and my skin feels comfortable.
It is such a good cleanser for all skin types and for £13 you can’t go wrong.

I can see myself repurchasing both of these for some time. Have you tried either of them? What is your favourite cleansing balm?



4 thoughts on “Cleansing Balm

  1. I purchased my first cleansing balm not that long ago, I got the Clinique take the day off cleansing balm and I love it! I can totally see the cleansing balm hype. (I wrote a blog post on it too!) I purchased it as a cheaper alternative to the Emma Hardie as I wasn’t sure how I’d get on with a balm but I’m definitely going to be purchasing the Emma Hardie one! Great post! Xx


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