Review – Morphe Brushes

Review Morphe BrushesI have tried so many different types of makeup brushes over the years and I still get excited about them. So when I hear of a brand that have high performing products and low budget prices I am certainly intrigued.

I have recently discovered Morphe Brushes and picked up three of the individual ones so I thought I would share my thoughts on them.

First up is the M501 Pro Pointed Blending Brush (£6.25). I use this for highlight mainly, it is a larger than your standard eye blender brush but a lot smaller than a face brush. This makes it perfect for more defined areas. I think this would be good for blending things like concealer in too.

Next up is the M441 Pro Firm Blending Crease Brush (£4.95)  and the description says it all. This is a slightly tapered fluffy blending brush that is amazing for blending eyeshadow in the crease of the eye. This is a little bigger than I expected, if you have the MAC 217 then this is a more tapered larger version of that.

Lastly is the M431 Precision Pencil Crease Brush (£3.95) which is a small brush for applying eyeshadow to the lash line or for a more defined crease. I haven’t used this as much as the other two brushes but think it is a great brush for when I am doing a full on makeup look.

I am really impressed with all three Morphe Brushes, I have reached for them every day since I bought them. I wouldn’t say they are the softest brushes out there especially if you are used to using brushes like Real Techniques but they preform and for that’s more important to me.

For comparison I would say they are on level with MAC brushes without the high price point. I actually think these are better making them a complete bargain.
Morphe brushes are available from Beauty Bay and Cult Beauty. I would highly recommend checking them out.

Have you tried Morphe Brushes before? What are your favourites?





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