The Essential Beauty Products.

The Essential beauty items I am saying these are my essential beauty products as most of them I have purchased many times but I also like to refer to them as the ‘boring beauty’ products. The ones that I can’t be without but don’t really get excited over buying.

Heel Chemistry – I actually discovered this by accident whilst rummaging through the clearance section in Boots. I have very dry feet (sorry for those of you who hate feet) so I am always looking for something to help with that.
Heel Chemistry is a really hydrating cream that targets cracked heels and helps hydrate and soothe them. It doesn’t contain urea or acids so won’t peel the skin, it just focuses on healing it.
From the first use I loved this foot cream, instantly my feet felt hydrated and by the next morning my feet were smoother. I try and use this most days but I don’t always have time but since using this my feet have been in such good condition.

Sanctuary Shower Oil – This is an essential when it comes to shaving my legs. It is nourishing and helps the razor glide over the skin so I am less likely to nic the skin. It leaves my skin feeling super soft and nourished. I would recommend to everyone to use a shower oil instead of shaving foam.

Blistex MedPlus Lip Balm – I have bought this for so many years I have lost count of how many I have owned now. I have at least 3 of these on the go at one time. The Blistex balm is the only thing that keeps my lips from cracking and I couldn’t be without it. It seems the same as any other balm but whatever is in it heals my sore lips and keeps them hydrated.

What are your boring but essential beauty items?


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