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Love Me Beauty – July.

Review - Love Me Beauty July 2016

I have been aware of the site Love Me Beauty for a while now but this is the first time I have signed up and made an order.
If you are unaware of Love Me Beauty it is a beauty box type scheme but you get to choose the products you want instead of receiving random ones.
I signed up for a 1 month membership which is £10 and gives you 60 Credits. Each item in the boutique where you choose which products you want has a credit value depending on the items worth.
The reason I decided to sign up this month was because there was full size Pixi items included in the boutique and if you follow me on Instagram you will know I am fan of Pixi.

The first thing I picked up is the Pixi Skin Treats Beauty Sleep Cream (25 credits) this is a full size tube worth £24 and one of my go to night creams. I already have one of these on the go at the moment but I picked this up as back up. If you haven’t tried it I recommend you do!

The next item is another pixi item. The Correction Concentrate (25 credits) is a correcting concealer for under eyes and I have been eyeing this up for a while. Being a mum means I am constantly tired and always have huge black bags under my eyes so anything that will help hide them is great to me.
This again is full size product and worth £14!

Lastly is the Yes To Blueberries Cleansing Facial Wipes (10 credits). This is a travel size pack and I thought would be great to keep in my handbag or for a weekend away. I’m not a big face wipes fan but I always like to have them just incase. I haven’t tried anything from the Yes To ranges before so interested to see what these are like. A full size pack of these is usually about £4.

All three products come in this lovely makeup bag which I think makes a nice difference to the usual beauty boxes.

As you can see you get your money’s worth with signing up to Love Me Beauty, I got about £40 worth of products here.
Like I said it is £10 a month plus £3.95 P&P but if you have a search you can often find 20% discount codes which I used this month so only cost £11.95 altogether.

I can’t wait to see what products are included in next month’s boutique.



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